Simple and Helpful

Over the years I have learned multiple different skills ranging from Automation to web development. Here are some of the services that I offer. My goal is to help the community around me and that includes you.


I work with People to help them understand the technology they use day by day. This includes a wide range of things from basic computer functions to understanding how to post to their website and more. 

Basic Computer

I grew up in the generation that transition from playing outdoors with trashcan lids to being behind a computer screen all day. I have taught many people with no to some skills with computer technology to be successful. I’m not afraid to have you drive the car.

Web Site Maintenance

Over the years I have helped multiple websites be success. From blog posts to complex site issues, I know how to break things down to a simple level and help shape your goals to match.

Advanced Computer Science

One of the things I enjoy is seeing the lights come on with students. As I teached my kids how to multiple, that smile of complete joy brightened my day. I believe we are all designed to learn at some level. I love working with college students to understand what they are learning now in college. I have tutored my share of students in my time.

Web Design

Every IT guy has a pet project they like to work on. I like working with people in my community to build useful websites for small companies. Often times mom and pop shops looking to do good for the community they are in. 

Tailored To Your Needs

Before I take on any Web Design jobs, I ask you questions. What kind of content do you have, what is your company and more. I make sure I understand what you are needing. Then I get to know you. What do you like? What is it that pushes you forward? Then I build the site based around that concept.

Leveraging The Power of AI

AI gives us a fresh breath of air in the world of content creation. If you don’t have pictures, or your text isn’t the best, I know how to leverage AI to bring it to life. Taking the AI output, I put in my own flare and bring a unique life into existance.

Continued Friendship

Many web developers do and walk away. I like to keep in contact with those I work with. See what’s going on in their lives. See what I can do to help your life improve. If I take you on as a client, I don’t stop after the task is done. I keep it going.

System Automation

I have a lot of skills when it comes to system automation. My tools of choice are PowerShell and Power Automate. Using these tools among with others like Graph API, I have built out full Employee automations and more. 


I have multiple years of PowerShell under my belt. I have made things ranging from taking exports from ADP to marry with Active Directory through local exchange to building website testers that restart services accordingly. Let me know how I can help.

Power Automate

Power Automate is a cloud low code system that allows people to automate processes inside the cloud without having a server base. I have done mulitlple power automate setups ranging from emails dropping into teams to complex terminations and coridation between different azure items using graph api.

Networking with Honesty

I love the complexity of system automation. Feel free to present an idea. If I can work it, I will, if I can’t, I will let you know and if possible, help you find someone who can. 

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