Hello and Welcome to bolding.us. We are the Boldings. We are a crazy bunch of nuts that like to draw, sing, fight, play, and eat ice cream. We believe in Christ. We go to church. We support people in recovery. We are open with our thoughts and feelings. We are new to parenting. We generally enjoy this crazy life. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's amazing. Together we push through.

David Paul Bolding

This page is about myself. David Paul Bolding. It contains my testimony, biblical references, sparks, lessons, and general blog posts form me. Be warned, I am a middle of the road kind of person. I have offended long time conservatives and democrats. I have converted people from one side to another as well. I try to keep things clean tho to enjoy anyone to learn.

My It Adventure

This is about the IT world I work in. It contains items like Powershell, Batch, Bash, PDQ inventory and deployments, help desk tickets and resolutions. So if you are technical, come visit me in this world.

Bold Services

My family likes to serve others. I like to work with people in finding solutions to their IT needs. My wife likes to cook, sell jewelry and many other things. My brother and sister both enjoy painting. How can we serve you?