David Bolding

System Engineer / Blogger

As a system engineer, I thrive on the intricate details of technology while also maintaining a strong passion for mental health, which I express through my IT and mental health blog. I take immense pleasure in using my website-building skills to support local businesses, knowing that I am positively impacting my community. I find great joy in engaging in creative endeavors, always seeking out new and innovative ways to express my ideas. Amidst it all, my most cherished role is being a devoted father to two wonderful children.

About David Bolding

Hi, I’m David Bolding. I’m from South Carolina and when I was a small boy, my Father handed me two floppy disk drives that was the size of my head. One had the OS and the other had a sonic knock off game. He told me if I could get it to run, I could play the game. I had more fun getting it to run than playing the game itself. My love for computers was born that day. A few decades later, I take pride in teaching others my trade. I enjoy watching the growth in others. 

Some of the things I enjoy doing is building webpages for local companies. I have found a way to make a simple structure for a cheaper method for those in need. You can take a look at some of my work Here. I enjoy helping the community around me by helping the homeless shelters. Over time I can only hope to leave a positive impact on the communities around me. 

Mission & Values

In my lifetime I have seen and gone through many things. I have a deep understanding of my own mental health and I am able to translate it into my work. This has helped me help others grow in way I never expected. My goal with is to blend Mental Health and Information Technology together. I do this through story telling and being open with those around me.  

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