Mental Health and The Church

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Recently I have seen firsthand how mental health affects us. I was taking a medication that poisoned me. It was useful for the back pain I was going through. After the surgery, I continued to take it because of the anti-depressant it provided. Little did I know the medication was poisoning my brain. My mind started becoming negative. It only got worse after the surgery as the meds weren’t being slowed down by the chemicals of the pain. I quit a job of 7 years over an ideal threat. I brought that toxicity into a new company. After a while, I felt the negativity creeping in there as well. Then covid took some of my family. I broke and ended up in group therapy. The first thing I learned was the anger the church has caused. I was amazed at the stories. I was sickened by the stories. The spirit was grieved by the stories. The state of the Church and what I heard was shameful.

One girl reached out to her pastor because she felt the urge to take every pill in the medicine cabinet. The pastor told her to get over herself and get right with God. He didn’t even let her finish the conversation, at least according to her. Another girl suffered abuse from a boyfriend. She asked her church for help escaping the relationship, the pastor told her to Get right with God and the feelings of fear would go away. He didn’t address the fact that she was being beaten and her self-worth was gone. He didn’t tell her that She was a child of God and didn’t deserve such abuse. Another girl was raped, it was her fault. Another felt people, she was possessed by satan. The list goes on.

This isn’t acceptable. The Bible is clear. Love one another. This is the greatest of all commandments. This is how you remain in the vine. Love one another. John 15:1-17.

This is the truth about mental health. Just like the body is damaged with illness, so is the mind. God Chooses to heal and he chooses not to heal. One thing I have seen through my life is He Chooses to heal through others. Give gives us the knowledge, the skills, and they love to help our fellow man. If he didn’t want us to know something, we simply just won’t know. For example, the tower of babel. Or why we haven’t figured out how to go faster than light.

As Christians, we should have an understanding of mental health. Yes, the Holy Spirit helps in mental health but doesn’t magically cure unless He chooses to. We need to understand that the brain is part of the body. The mind is part of the body and separated slightly from the body. It can cure itself if allowed to. It takes time though and there are no quick fixes. I struggle with depression caused by stinking thinking. My depression is not possessed by a demon. My depression isn’t oppression caused by demons. It’s not a result of hidden sin (read Job). It’s a chemical imbalance. Medication combined with mental cognitive corrections helps battle it.

Mental health can be caused by such things, but in and of itself is not.

Dear fellow Christian, I encourage each and everyone to do some homework and learn about mental health issues. Focus on the ones in your family. Talk with those family members, if it is safe, and learn it from their side. Stop listening to the prosperity gospel. It’s the root of this hate. And let’s object John 15:12. For we all have issues. It’s just when you choose to face them, are truly strong.

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