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Numlock On Startup

I hate it when I start up my PC and my number lock is turned off. Did you know you can set this to be automatic. Yep that’s right, automatic. Start up powershell as administrator and run the single line of code below. Then you should be set to go. Use wisely fellow admins.

Group Policy

Tattooing with Group Policy

No, we are not using group policy to put your skull and crossbones tattoo on people. Tattooing is in reference to policies that make changes to the registry that are not removed after the policy is removed. These changes are Permanent and require the admin to manually remove them. I have seen Tattooing become a…

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2FA and Outlook

A friend’s company turned on 2fa for their office 365. When people logged into they were prompted to 2-factor authenticate with the system. Some choose to call in, some choose text, and others choose the app. It was doing good, but outlook gave them troubles. It turns out that office 2013 and office 2016…